What is a WebID?

A WebID is a URL for you. It allows you to set up a reusable identity and a profile, with friends, pictures and all kinds of things.

Unlike social networks, with WebID you reuse your identity and personal data in a decentralized, privacy-friendly way, across multiple applications and services on the Web. It works like having an account on a social networking site, but it isn't restricted to just that site. It is very open because the information can connect to other people, apps, projects and so on, without everyone having to join the same social networking site. (more information)

When you create a WebID account, you may also get storage space on the selected server. The amount of available space can vary from server to server. Additionally, a common list of workspaces (i.e. dedicated folders) maye be created by default, such as Public, Private, Family, Work, etc.